CIS4398: Independent Study
Summer 2002
Emerging Issues in Information Technology

Rough Drafts

1.    Employees as a Major Source of IT Security Threat (see Referee's Comments)
2.    Emerging Trends in Customer Relationship Management Systems (see Referee's Comments)
3.    Ethics in Unsolicited Commercial Email (see Referee's Comments)
4.    Critical Success Factors for Distance Education (see Referee's Comments)
5.    Untitled 1
6.    Customer Service in Cyberspace: The New Age of Customer Service (see Referee's Comments)
7.    Distance Learning vs. Classroom Learning
8.    Knowledge Management: Trends and Applications
9.    Security Issues in E Commerce
10.  Data Visualization Applications in Business
11.  XML Security Threats
12.  Untitled 3
13.  Database Security
14.  Ethical Issues with Distance Learning (see Referee's Comments)
15.  Making and Enforcing Laws

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