The comments for Paper #2 concerning CRM are as follows:


1.  I find the Topic interesting and informative.  In the information age, the better your information, the better suited you are as a company to respond to consumer needs quickly and effectively.  To seperate your company from the competition, customer service is of utmost importance.  How to better provide this service is very important to all companies.


2. At this point, I only have a small idea as to what CRM really entails and how the software could be used to help my business.


3. From the rough draft a nice introduction has been made into what CRM is and maybe what it could be used for.  Some non-intuitive uses of CRM would be nice to help see how far reaching CRM can be in all facets of industry.


4. The weakness of this paper is the hard to determine point of the paper.  Why is this paper being written.  Is CRM a good thing?  Should CRM be instituted in all cases?  Are there instances where CRM may not be of use?  I think the paper may raise more questions than are answered at this point, in its final form the paper may very well touch on these aspects.


My recommendation at this point is to revise and resubmit with a completed version of the paper that clearly defines where it intends to go and how it intends to get there.