1. Topic Interest:  This is a very good topic for the reason that it talks about information about unwanted e-mail.  I think anybody who has a e-mail account constantly received unwanted or junk mail.  I know I do and it drives me nuts.  I receive about fifty e-mails a day and only two are personal e-mails.  This research paper made me understand why and how to get rid of the junk mail.


2. Clarity of presentation:  The clarity is well and I liked the order in which he put the paper in.  It is in a form of simple language and I think any reader would understand this paper.  Besides it for anyone who has a e-mail account.


3. Paper strength:  The strenght in this paper would be the section about Ethical Unsolicited Commercial email Practices .  This section goes into some good detail about the UCE and how it began.  This part really informed me on how this started and how I can get rid of it.


4. Paper weaknesses:  The paper weakness is the section in legal intervention in UCE.  They didn't go into to much detail about the laws that are trying or did become laws.  Some more information about each will not hurt.  All you did was list them, talk a little more about each one.


I would accept with minor revisions.