Rough Draft #4 Referee


†††† Critical Success Factors for Distance Learning:

For educational institutions, teachers, and students


The topic is really interesting since nowadays technology is the key for success.This new way of learning is making a lot of positive changes in our world, and distance learning is for our advantage.We want to learn the critical success factors that it involves for us, so it is what makes it interesting.It is a new way of studying and teaching so everyone that is and will be affected by this learning and teaching strategy is open to learn more about it. It is also interesting since it is totally different from teaching in a regular classroom, and for students it would be more like an independent study where feedback from teachers would be only through online conversations, and not face to face. We can learn that there are more students and teachers who are demanding this type of study and the reasons for it.


In this research paper I like that this topic is really informative for teachers, students, and educational institutions since it informs to all of us from the different points of view.Also, it is a good essay because it gives the reasons why some are rejecting it and why they are changing their minds and starting to adopt this new way of education. I like that you write about the quality of distance learning for students and instructors.


The administrative quality part is where you have some problems.It has some repetitive word in the third paragraph, so you can make some changes on it Ė(This ensures).Also, your fourth paragraph in this section is vague.I think you included a lot of guidelines and expectations and they might not be too interesting for the reader.Some of them are not easy to understand, so you can look at it again and put the ones you think are most important and would make more sense in conjunction with your paragraph.


Read your new attitudes, new teaching strategies section again, so you can make some changes in the wording.For example, you repeat (According) several time, you can use another word.In this first paragraph you mention that there are 8 different ways to learn, but you donít mention them.


In general, there are some paragraphs or sentences that are not clear or understandable, but I think that if you revise it again, and change the phrasing it would be fine.†† It looks like you have done a lot of work, and your paper is really good, just make sure that it is what you want to inform the readers and that you add anything you think you are missing.Also, make sure that your paper flows through, and that your comments are in the section that you want them.Just revise your paper make necessary changes and resubmit it.