wpe41.gif (23084 bytes)CIS3355: Business Data Structures
Fall, 2008

Bits & Bytes
Basic Data Types
RAM Allocation
Numeric Arrays
Structured Data Objects
Searching & Sorting
Linked Lists
Dynamic Memory
Binary Trees

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This page is intended to add coverage to the material presented in the lectures, lecture slides and otherwise available on this website. It IS NOT intended as a substitute for attending class.

You are all required to write-up a tutorial (to be graded). You may either

  1. Create a new tutorial. These tutorials are available if there is no link associated with the tutorial. Those tutorials with links but with asterisks are NOT available.
  2. Improve a tutorial or Improve and Merge Tutorials. These tutorials are available for improvement it is followed by three asterisks (***). These tutorials may have some some merit, but are generally NOT considered as good tutorials (i.e., you should redo them so that they are 'A' Tutorials). Some of the tutorials have multiple submissions. They can all be improved. merge them and add to them.

For examples of how Original Tutorials and Tutorial Revisions will be graded, see the Bits and Bytes Tutorials.

Select the topic area by clicking on the link on the left-hand side.

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