CIS4365: Database Applications
Fall, 2017

Course Evaluation

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Your Grade In this class will be based on the following Evaluation Areas:






10 %

On-Line Quizzes


Initial Project

10 %

Group Project

15 %

  100 %

Quizzes: There will be two take-home tests.

The Best way to study for the quiz is to keep up with the material covered in class and to be able to answer all of the questions asked in the Review Page and Chapter Reviews at the end of each chapter, and to Review the existing tutorials in the Tutorial Page. Note that while the answers to each question are also provided, it doesn't do you any good to check them until after you have attempted to answer the questions.

Assignments: Assignments (in this course) are those which either receive full credit (if turned-in on time), or receive a zero (0). For all of the required assignments this semester, see the Assignments Page.

On-Line Quizzes: The questions for these will be taken from the review on-line questions.

Initial Project: The initial project is intended to familiarize you with SQL. Additional Information can be found at the Initial Project Page.

Group Project: You are also required to prepare a database, and present your database to the class. Additional Information can be found at the Group Project Page.

Final Grade: The Final grade will be assigned according to the Scale provided below. Because I have a tendency to 'Curve' most of the grading components, that means I will be relatively inflexible: If you have a 89.5, you will get a 'B', and not an 'A'.

Grade  Score Description


 90 - 100

 Excellent Work


 80 - 89

 Above Average


 70 - 79



 0 - 69


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