CIS4365: Database Applications
Fall, 2017

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    Group Project

The course is centered around a group project (3 to 5 People). Your group will design a database (preferably for a non-profit organization), and present your system in a Presentation to the class, as well is preparing a report on the system.

I have a list of Community Agencies that are in need of assistance which I will make available to you. However, I will also give you the option of finding a different organization, preferably a not-for-profit organization that is in need of an information system, analyze their needs, and design an information system to meet those needs (you will need to have this approved). If you can not find an actual organization, you may develop a system for a hypothetical company, although this certainly is not recommended.

Your group will be required to make the following submissions (additional information can be found in the links on the left):


Your Group Name and Group Name Members


A Project Description


A Project  Update Report


A Final Project Report


An Executive Summary

The Requirements for the Presentation are discussed in The Group Presentation Page.

We will discuss the group project in greater detail in class.

Check the Course Schedule for Due Dates.

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