CIS4365: Database Applications
Fall, 2017

Executive Summary

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Prior to making your presentation, you are to prepare a 1-Page Summary.

The rationale is simple: If you were to make your presentation to a group of Executives, they would expect a written summary. Very short (Executives do not have time to read lengthy reports), but one which overviews ALL of the important parts of the presentation. The summary should be broken-up into the major sections, but should NOT be a simple outline. Each of the major components should be explained in complete sentences.

Be careful: You want to inform the executives about what is going on, but you don't want to insult them (By the way, nothing insults executives more than missplellings abd pore gramma).

You will submit the information from the Course Submissions Page, And it will automatically be posted to the website.

The Executive Summary is due at least 2-days before your presentation.

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