CIS4365: Database Applications
Fall, 2017

Class Schedule *

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The class schedule is structured in order for you to efficiently manage your schoolwork with your other responsibilities. The Schedule given below is tentative, and is dependent upon actual class progress (I would rather cover less material and make sure that you fully understand what you have covered). Additional information about the topics to be covered can be found by clicking on the week in which they scheduled


Week Topic Items Due/Comments
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Course Enrollment
2 Database Foundations
Relational DBMS

Database Foundations
Relational DBMS

Database Foundations Reference
Relational DBMS Reference
4 Entity Relationship Diagrams Group Project Membership
5 Entity Relationship Diagrams  
6 TEST 1
Quiz Review
ERD Reference
7 SQL SQL Reference
Research Paper Outline Reviews
Group Project Description
10 TEST 2
Getting Started in Oracle
Database Design
Midterm Comments
11 Database Design Initial Project
12 Database Design Database Design Reference
13 Database Administration
Presentation Scheduling
Group Project Update
14 Database Administration Database Administration Reference
Executive Summaries
14 TEST 3
Group Presentations
Final Comments
Presenting Team Evaluations
Group Member Evaluations

*    Actual Course schedule depends on the progress of the class.
      Keep an eye on this Schedule for any changes that might take place.
**  Only if you have chosen this option

Additional Notes:

  1. I don't Expect to run exactly on schedule. Some sections may take more time, some may be completed earlier. If we do fall behind, I will extend the due date for for some assignments. I will let you know in class.
  2. Unless otherwise instructed, all items due will be due at at the beginning of class on Monday

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