CIS4365: Database Applications
Fall, 2017

Lecture Slides

I will make all of the (Power Point) lecture slides we cover in class available to you. DO NOT attempt to download the files too far in advance, as I am constantly updating them. To view the slides, click on the topic. To Download the Zipped file, click on the finger (If you do not have a Zip program, you can obtain a free one at: Or (to download an evaluation version))

Slides may be accessed by clicking on the desired section
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Section Topic Slides Size
Section 1 CH 1: The database environment


2.3 MB
Section 2 Relational Database Management Systems


556 KB
66 KB
Section 3 The Entity Relationship Model Pt 1
(ProfList, Students.csv)
The Entity Relationship Model Pt 2
The Entity Relationship Model Pt 3


3.2 MB
857 KB
Section 3 Visible Analyst 70 2.6 MB
1.5 MB
Section 4 SQL


708 KB
93 KB

Section 4 More SQL


437 KB
153 KB



Getting Started in Oracle


297 KB
99 KB

Section 5 Database Design


 2.4 MB
206 KB

Section 6 Database Administration


3.7 MB
2.7 MB




22.7 MB
7.1 MB

Additional Slides may be available later

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