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Fall, 2008

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Tutorial Topic Submission

NOTE: Choose the topic you wish to write a tutorial on from the Tutorials Page.

HOWEVER, before submitting this form, check the Tutorials Selected Page to make sure that someone else has not already selected this topiv. If the topic has already been selected, you must choose another topic.

You Can submit either a Short/answer Problem Question (with the Answer) or a Multiple Choice Question (with the Answer).

The easiest way to do this is probably to 'Cut-and-Paste'. Prepare your answers using a word processor or Text editor and then Copy the answers and paste it in the space provided.

Enter your Pseudonym   (For verification purposes)

Enter THE NUMBER of the tutorial:

For example, if you wish the topic:

1.20  How does a computer use bits?

Enter the number 1.20

Note: The Date and Time Submitted will be saved on the form

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