wpe41.gif (23084 bytes)CIS3355: Business Data Structures
Fall, 2008

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Course Material

Most of the material you will require will be available on line. However, there is one required Text, Two highly recommended texts, and a set of optional material (Copies of the Power Point Lecture Slides Used in class).

Required Text:


Peeter J. Kirs, Kurt A. Pflughoeft and Mark Kesh

The Textbook is Available From the UTEP Library Copy Center (Approx. 257 pages: Present Cost: $12.85)

You could get along without this, but every student I have met claims it really helped them with the course.

This is a working text about Data structures, with only some examples using C/C++.  Most of the required text (by topic area in each chapter) is available on-line. Some sections are missing. Additionally, most of the graphics used, tables, and formatting which make the text readable can not be duplicated on-line. While each of the sections can be downloaded, please note that:

  1. The material available for downloading is lacking

  2. The cost of downloading and printing far exceeds the cost of purchasing a text, or for that matter printing it out on your home printer (It will use-up a full printer cartridge, not to mention the cost of the paper, not to mention your time).

  3. You are depriving the authors of any royalties which they might receive for their efforts

You can access the Textbook Table of contents, and subsequently the topics in the chapters, from the Home Page (Click on the "Text Book" button) or, by going directly to the Table of Contents (and then selecting the section you wish to view).

Highly Recommended Texts:

C++ for Business Programming, 1/e
John C. Molluzzo, Pace University

Prentice Hall

ISBN 0-13-577594-9

This text introduces the student to programming in C/C++. It is NOT a text in data structures. However, it is the same test that those of you going on to the C++ will use (The first part will be used in this course; the rest in the C++ course), so for those of you going on to take the C++ course, you might as well get it now.

One Really Nice Feature about this text is that it comes with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Introductory Edition Software. It is the same software available in the lab (although the lab, obviously, has the full-blown version).

A Good C Reference Manual.

There are many of these available. Go to your favorite Book Store and check out the C reference manuals. Find one which you enjoy. My only suggestion is that you DO NOT BASE YOUR DECISION SOLELY ON PRICE. You will probably use this reference book for many years to come. Make it worth your investment.

Optional Materials:

Power Point Slides to Accompany
Peeter J. Kirs and Kurt A. Pflughoeft

Each slide presented in class is available for viewing by topic area. Please note that given the limitations of the internet, slide animation, nor accompanying sound, is not available.

You can access the Slides from the Home Page (Click on the "Lecture Slides" button), or, by going directly to the slides.

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