wpe41.gif (23084 bytes)CIS3355: Business Data Structures
Fall, 2008

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Course Objectives

This course has been carefully designed to develop a specific set of skills.  Most individuals would consider it a 'technical course', but it is NOT  a training exercise. It corresponds to the old adage "Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; Teach him how to fish, and he will eat for a lifetime". We will be learning how to fish here. How to fish in any type of water for any type of fish (well, at least we will begin to).

Listed below are some of the specific skill areas as well as the objectives which are designed to target learning:



  To develop a Conceptual basis of Data Structures

  To understand Data Structure Usage in Business

  To understand the simplicity and complexity of Data Structures

  To conceptualize directions in technology for the future

  To synthesize material from a variety of sources



  To judge reliability, integrity, and accuracy of Strucures

  To determine the data types necessary to fulfill business requirements

  To design, analyze, and implement appropriate Data Structures

  To evaluate presentation of information



  Learn basics of C/C++

  Learn how to program the Data Structures Discussed

  Become familiar with a what Data Structures are most appropriate for a give situation

  Design and develop useful  Business Applications



  To translate ambiguity into operating Programs

  To translate complexity into simplicity

  To network electronically

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