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Fall, 2008

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For the purposes of this course, an assignment is one which you do ON TIME, and get full credit for, or you don't do it (Or don't do ON TIME) and get zero points. They are a small percentage of your final grade, but every little bit helps. Often (unfortunately), the difference is a letter grade.

Proportionally (relative to the total points), the assignments are worth:

A01 Course Enrollment 1-pt
A02 Tutorial Topic Selection 3-pts
A03 Bits & Bytes Reference 2-pts
A04 Basic Data Types Reference 2-pts
A05 C/C++ Reference 2-pts
A06 RAM Allocation Reference 2-pts
A07 Numeric Array Reference 2-pts
A08 Strings Reference 2-pts
A09 Structured Data Object Reference 2-pts
A10 Midterm Evaluation 2-pts
A11 Searching/Sorting Reference 2-pts
A12 Linked List Reference 2-pts
A13 Dynamic Memory Reference 2-pts
A14 Binary Trees Reference 2-pts
A15 Final Evaluation 2-pts
A16 Tutorial Submission (Timeliness) 5-pts

There are also two Optional submissions: Textbook and Webpage Error Submissions. Whenever you find an error in the textbook or webpage, PLEASE POINT THEM OUT TO ME SO I CAN MAKE THE APPROPRIATE CHANGES!!

Check the course schedule for the due dates.

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