wpe41.gif (23084 bytes)CIS5394: Decision Making and Expert Systems
(Current Issues in CIS)
Spring 2004

The Refereeing Process
Additional Links
Outline Refereeing
Rough Draft
Final Paper
Sample Review


Throughout the semester, you will be required to referee (review) two of your fellow classmate's research papers. This means that you will be required to read, evaluate, and offer (constructive) criticism about their:

Rough Draft.
Final Paper.

Note that your reviews will be ANONYMOUS (except to me) or double-blind reviews: You will NOT know whose paper you are reviewing, and the reviewer will NOT know who you are.

Why?? See the link on the left
What and How?? See the links (Outline, Rough Draft, Final Paper) on the left
When?? Check the Course Schedule

I have put some links to some tips to help you review papers at the left.

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