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(Current Issues in CIS)
Spring 2004

The Refereeing Process

In the past the refereeing process had two aims:

The reader of a scientific published article wanted a guarantee, that the article has been screened by some referees. By picking the journal and knowing its past reputation, he had a feeling by his or other's experience what level of scrutiny to expect from the Publisher.
The author wanted to reach out to his readers and by getting his article into the suitable journal got this label, his aimed at readers use as a filter.
In addition the author needs the thus gained reputation for his applications for positions, etc. The hiring committees as well used the reputation of author's picked journals to help judging.

Thus the peer refereeing system was basically attached to the long standing and developed history and reputation of the scientific international journals. Without having a better and worldwide established system to cope with these job-related tasks as well, one has here to keep in parallel to new experimental ways the traditional way, added by a smooth extension of the journals being offered in parallel electronically and archived that way.

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