CIS4398: Independent Study
Summer 2002
Emerging Issues in Information Technology

Making a Successful Presentation
How to Make a Weak Presentation
Oral Presentation Suggestions
How to Give a Bad Talk
Making Effective Presentations
Power Point Suggestions
More Suggestions

Presentation Suggestions/Guidelines

At most conferences, the presenter is allowed about 20-30 minutes to make their presentation (At DSI, for example, there is a presentation followed by a discussion. Each paper is assigned a discussant, who stands up and orally makes arguments against the paper, explains what s/he thinks is important and unimportant, and offers suggestions to the author. The Presenter is allowed 20 minutes, the discussant 10 minutes). We will follow the same guidelines (without the discussant).

I have put together some guidelines and suggestions for your presentation on the left. Please review them.

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