CIS4398: Independent Study
Summer 2002
Emerging Issues in Information Technology

Final Papers

1.    Employees as a Major Source of IT Security Threat
2.    Emerging Trends in Customer Relationship Management Systems
3.    Ethics in E-Commerce with a focus on Unsolicited Commercial E-mail
4.    Critical Success Factors for Distance Education
5.    Untitled 1
6.    Customer Service in Cyberspace: “The New Age of Customer Service”

7.    Distance Learning vs. Classroom Learning

8.    The Challenge of Knowledge Management: A Look into Trends and Applications

9.    Security Issues in E Commerce
10.  Data Visualization in Business
11.  XML Security Threats
12.  Untitled 3
13.  Database Security
14.  Ethical Issues with Distance Learning
15.  Making and Enforcing Laws

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