CIS4365: Database Applications
Fall, 2017

UTEP Oracle 9i
UTEP Oracle 10g Notes


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Review Questions

  1. State the three reasons why keys are important.
  2. What are the four main types of keys?
  3. What is the purpose of a candidate key?
  4. State four items of the Elements of a Candidate Key.
  5. True or False: A candidate key can be composed of more than one field.
  6. Can a table have more than one candidate key?
  7. What is an artificial candidate key?
  8. What is the most important key you assign to a table?
  9. Why is this key important?
  10. How do you establish a primary key?
  11. State four items of the Elements of a Primary Key.
  12. What must you do before you finalize your selection of a primary key?
  13. What is an alternate key?
  14. What do you ensure by establishing table-level integrity?
  15. Why should you review the initial table structures?




Submitted by Kumar Shivaswamy