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(Current Issues in CIS)
Spring 2004

Research Paper?
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Research Paper

You will be required to prepare a research paper for submission at the end of the semester. However, you will be required to complete the paper in stages (see course schedule for due dates).

Select a topic and Submit it to the TA (See the TA Page for an email address). The TA will post the Topic (Anonymously) To the Web-Site; If there is a problem with the topic, I will let you know
Submit an outline of the topic. This outline will be posted (Anonymously) at this website and refereed by two of your fellow classmates (the anonymous reviews will be posted to this website as well).
Prepare a rough draft. This should be close to a completed paper. Again, I will (anonymously) post it to the website and send it out to the same two (anonymous) referees. When their comments are returned, I will again post them along to the web.
Submit the final paper. The paper will be posted to the web.

I have put some additional information in the links at the left.

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