MIT5312: Systems Analysis and Design
Spring, 200

Research Paper Updates

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As they are received, the research paper topic, outline, rough draft and final paper will be posted here, along with the referee' evaluation of the paper components.

ALL SUBMISSIONS WILL REMAIN ANONYMOUS; The Authors and Referees will be know only to me and the TA



Title Outline Draft Final
1 How do we support Multidatabase and mobile working through Database connectivity-OMS connect?  Click Here  Click Here  Click Here
2 How does adopting biometric technology decrease the number of personal identity fraud attacks and increase current homeland security processes at our nation's airports and borders?  Click Here  Click Here  Click Here
3 Does IT industry require Labor Mobility in the age of Outsourcing?  Click Here  Click Here  Click Here
4 How has "Internet Protocol" been increasingly used to provide different types of facilities on the network/internet?  Click Here  Click Here  Click Here

Peer-to-peer file sharing, does it violate copyright laws?

 Click Here  Click Here  Click Here
6 How will artificial intelligence affect internet search engines?  Click Here  Click Here  Click Here

Is Voice Over Internet Protocol the answer for business communications? Do the benefits outweigh the costs?

 Click Here  Click Here  Click Here
Is  Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) feasible technology for covering larger areas( for example cities)?
 Click Here  Click Here  Click Here
9 It is possible to use only one programming language to cover all manufacturing necessities?  Click Here  Click Here  Click Here
10 Are countries and corporations using information warfare to gain an advantage over each other?  Click Here  Click Here  Click Here
What is Run Time Monitoring and What are the tools used for Run Time Monitoring and how do they work?
 Click Here  Click Here  Click Here

What are some of the typical problems to which Artificial Intelligence methods are applied to?  What are the advantages of having such technology?

 Click Here  Click Here  Click Here
13 How can XML maximize E-Commerce?  Click Here  Click Here  Click Here
14 Is my investment on an Enterprise Solution worth? How effective is it?  Click Here  Click Here  Click Here

What are Context Diagrams and how do we represent them in a system?

 Click Here  Click Here  Click Here
16 How can we design an effective user interface in information systems?  Click Here  Click Here  Click Here
17    Click Here  Click Here  Click Here
18 What are the basic strategies than a project manager needs to consider   when designing an information system?  Click Here  Click Here  Click Here

Why is it important to be able to represent and to deduce knowledge in Artificial Intelligence?

 Click Here  Click Here  Click Here
20 Is Google really the best search engine option?  Click Here  Click Here  Click Here

How do Data Flow Diagrams using UML improve Systems Analysis and Design?

 Click Here  Click Here  Click Here

How the creation of DBMS changed computer information systems, did they help with the design and implementation?

 Click Here  Click Here  Click Here
23 Do female students perform better than male students in an online course using WebCT?  Click Here  Click Here  Click Here
24 Can a workplace really be paperless?  Click Here  Click Here  Click Here

Where is Outsourcing heading? Differences between Insource and Outsource

 Click Here  Click Here  Click Here

Does Software Engineering Ethics play a major role in Business outsourcing and in Professional practice?

 Click Here  Click Here  Click Here

How can we optimize distributed systems?

 Click Here  Click Here  Click Here
How can the semantic web improve Knowledge sharing and interpreting?
 Click Here  Click Here  Click Here
29    Click Here  Click Here  Click Here
30    Click Here  Click Here  Click Here

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