MIT5312: Systems Analysis and Design
Spring, 200


*** I am sorry --- I thought that I posted this last Monday, but apparently it did not appear on the webpage. Mea Culpa !

I have but one question for you.

What do YOU think about Outsourcing/Offshoring?

You will be required to come up with at least (preferably more) five reasons (each) why Outsourcing/Offshoring is good and/or bad (In addition to those we discussed in class; please don’t repeat).  You will need AT LEAST FIVE (5) REFERENCES to support your opinions (More is better). By opinions, I mean “WHAT DO YOU THINK?” WHAT SHOULD WE DO?? At this point in time, we know that there are no right or wrong arguments. SELL your point of view. MAKE ME BELIEVE IT!!

Email your answers to the TA to be posted.

*** Because of my error, you will be given more time. Your submission will not be due until SUNDAY, April 7, at 11:59 PM. Submissions after that time will NOT be accepted.