MIT5312: Systems Analysis and Design
Spring, 200

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Course Objectives
Course Description
Course Evaluation
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Administrative Notices
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Course Recommendation
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This page gives some quick information about things that (especially at the beginning of the semester) we all (including myself) forget. This includes (information is available by clicking on the hover button to the left):

Course Objectives What are we supposed to get out of this course?
Course Description What is the 5 cent description for this course?
Meeting Times/Place Where and When we are to Meet?
Required Material What material is required for the Course?
Administrative Notices What do the "Powers That Be" expect of me?
Office Hours How do I get in touch with him?
Recommendations Are there any recommended technologies I should be aware of?
Teaching Assistant Who is this person and How do I get in contact with her/him ??
Instructor Who is this guy?


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