MIT5312: Systems Analysis and Design
Spring, 200

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Dr. Peeter Kirs
(My last name rhymes with Pierce; The first name is simply Peter, unless you want to get esoteric (It's Estonian in origin)

Room 203 College of Business Administration
Phone: (915) 747- 7733     E-Mail:     Fax: (915) 747 - 5126

Welcome!! -- Bienvenidos!! -- Willkommen!! -- Vitan!! -- Bienvenue!! -- Tere Tulemast!! -- Isten Hozta!! -- Benvenuto!! -- Všlkommen!! -- Nameste!! -- Boa Vinda!! -- Mottakelse!! -- Welcome to MIT5312!!!! ---


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There are two major questions students have about this course:

bulletWhy Bother?? I don't plan to be a System's Analyst/Designer!!
bulletCan I really Become a System's Analyst/Designer after completing this course?

For the first question, no matter what you intend to do, as a manager, you will probably be involved with some aspect of System's Analysis and Design. It is inevitable.

For the second question, well, No. But it is a good starting point.

Everything you need to know about this course is found at this website. Familiarize yourself by exploring the links on the Left-Hand Side. Bon Chance!

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