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I.  Different types of employee security threats.

a.      Internal threats

b.      External threats


II. Actual methods used to break security or how the employee threatens security.

          a.   Hackers get help from employees of major corporations to gain access to company sensitive information.

          b.   Type of information that can be acquired


III.  Corporate Monitoring

          a.   Email monitoring

          b.   Internet browsing monitoring

          c.   Instant messaging monitoring

          d.  Real-time computer network monitoring



IV.   Lack of education of the employee attributes to the threat of security.

a.      Types of lack of education

b.      Proper training of employees to lessen security threat of employees.


Referee 1:

Area Comments Rating
Topic Interest It is an interesting topic and I believe it is an important topic. I think businesses would be very intereseted in this subject, being that internal theft is so prevelant. 7
Topic Definition I think this outline is very specific in scope. It deals with different types of employee security threats, and is not too broad and not too specific.. 7
Topic Feasibility I believe this topic is very doable. There is probably a lot of information on this subject and should not be a problem researching. 8
Strengths The best parts are when the outline becomes specific and gives details on how what kinds of employee threats there are. It also gives good insight into how it can be prevented. 6
Deficiencies The major deficiency is the lack of a conclusion,where it can all be tied together. The first section also gives very few details about the types of internal and external threats it is discussing 5
Improvement Overall, this outline is fairly complete. The author needs to include a conclusion, and give more info on the topic sections. I believe the author should also include a section on what the author thinks about employee security threats and how they may be prevented.