I am proposing the use of DNA fingerprinting as a control medium for positions involving access to sensitive data. I recommend that the present DNA collection and storage methods used by the federal government in the Military Identification Index be expanded to include identification validation of federal employees. This system would allow for the positive tracking of sensitive and classified information though a combined smart card and a random sampling procedure. On the card would be the individuals fingerprint, picture, name, agency and security clearance. There would also be an encrypted chip containing the DNA fingerprint, other security information and an authentication code that must be validated before access is granted. The sample collection process would have to be based on a random cycle to assure that the sample type would not be predictable and thus provide for the highest level of assurance that the system is not compromised.


Referee 1:

Area Comments Rating
Topic Interest Very interesting topic, especially since it is beign used to acces other secure areas why not use it on a PC terminal. 9
Topic Definition The definiiton is good but it is not really an outline. 8
Topic Feasibility It might be hard to get information since some of the systems that are in use are probably company or trade secrets since they might be compromised by revelaing their structure. 6
Strengths good definition of topic 8
Deficiencies I would consider the detail a deficiency. It does not provide flexibility in case it is needed 2
Improvement Not a real outline don't know the strucutre of the paper



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Topic Interest I think the topic of DNA fingerprinting and recording is an explosive issue not only for IT folks but the general public as well. The idea of ""Big Brother"" has always caused intense debates. 9
Topic Definition From the outline provided on the website, I feel the topic has been too narrowly defined and 15-20 pages may be difficult to obtain from the topic definition provided 2
Topic Feasibility The topic provided could be finished in the time provided, however may not lend itself to the all of the requirements of the project. 2
Strengths The topic definition and the inclusion of the intended conclusion are the strengths of this outline. 5
Deficiencies The outline lacks sufficient data to determine if the topic will cover all of the requirements of the course. There is also no structure of the thoughts and issues to be discussed. The paper could become very hard to manage if the topics are not put forth in some order and then discussed appropriately. 1
Improvement Structure to the outline in the form of major topics to be introduced to allow for good discussion on whether the paper is trying to do too much. Following the major topics with sub topics to be discussed and the extent to be discussed will help for the framework for this paper.