I.      Introduction

a.       Topic “Customer Service in Cyberspace”

1.       What is it?

b.       Brief history of the Internet

1.       The 90’s and the World Wide Web

c.       The arrival of E-Commerce

1.       Business examples (Amazon.com, Dell Computers etc.)

           II.      Body

a.       Customer service on the Internet           

1.       Strategies used

2.       Current Trends

b.       Integration

1.       Business Process Reengineering

2.       Bricks and clicks

c.       Technology

1.       Telecommunications

2.       Data management

         III.      Conclusion

a.       Overview

b.       The future of customer service on the Internet

c.       Question and answer



Referee 1:

Area Comments Rating
Topic Interest Topic points covered are little outdated and broad. I would concentrate on topics such as “How serious is the problem today, measures available to protect the security of the data involved, What is the definition of a good internal security system, What are the signs of a bad internal security system.” 5
Topic Definition The topic offers too little information about how to resolve the problem. As I understand the problem is huge. It would be nice to see the research be a little more narrowed and technical. 4
Topic Feasibility The topic seems too broad to cover. The majority of this outline involves personnel issues that are involved the area of information misuse. This topic covers many general areas which might be difficult to research. 5
Strengths The outline is strong where areas to be researched include Case Examples of internal IT Security Threats, Internal Data Access Controls, and information regarding the fact that internal employees are a greater threat than external non-employees. 4
Deficiencies I think the first part of the outline is obsolete. Everybody already knows this information.
The second part of the outline focuses on human resources issues and not enough of the technical factors involved in internal security measures.
Improvement In Part 1, I would include historial statistical data on the percentage of companies who are internlly attacked by employees. In addition, I would also focus on the reasons why companies have become so vulnerable and what levels of security do currently have in place.
In the body of the outline, I would cover areas such as: Latest Trends in protecting internal systems, How to Evaluate Your Current System