Security Issues in E-Commerce


Building Trust in Consumer Sales on the World Wide Web


I.                    Introduction to E-Commerce

a.       E-Commerce Defined

b.      E-Commerce Users

c.       Tools For E-Commerce


II.                 Creating Trust in On-Line Sales

a.       Identification

b.      Authentication

c.       Authorization


III.               Balancing Security and Privacy to Build Consumer Trust

a.       Privacy vs. Security

                                                               i.      Two different issues

b.      Achieving a Balance Between Privacy and Security


IV.              Conclusion



Referee 1:

Area Comments Rating
Topic Interest This topic is very interesting in that business is now leaning towards being conducted in an e-commerce setting. Unfortunately, people still seem to have great concern over the security aspect of doing business through e-commerce. It will be interesting to see what types of security we can count on as we lead into a future with e-commerce being the way to do business. 7
Topic Definition I believe this outline addresses the necessary issues that one would be curious about when dealing with ecommerce. Issues that would reassure the public as far as doing business through ecommerce seem to be covered in this outline. 6
Topic Feasibility I do believe the topic as outlined is doable in the time allocated to us. 6
Strengths The strengths in this outline are probably those listed in Creating Trust in On-line sales. Authentication, Identification and Authorization are definately topics that need to be strongly addressed. 6
Deficiencies I really did not find points that were absolutely worse as compared to others. I think all of the topics covered in this outline need to be addressed in order to give a well rounded overview of the issues of building trust when dealing with sales in the world wide web. 5
Improvement I am not quite sure if the information addressed in this outline will be sufficient in order to make a long enough paper. There might be additional areas about establishing trust that could be covered, such as what methods companies are using to persuade their customers that their personal information is used appropriately.



Referee 2:

Area Comments Rating
Topic Interest I think this is a big problem today and needs to be discussed. 9
Topic Definition The outline explains exactly what is in the paper, not too much, not too little 9
Topic Feasibility Security is really broad with a lot of info out there right now. 7
Strengths I think the third section has a lot of potential... 9
Deficiencies his may become a research paper if just spit out facts that everyone else section 2. If you create your own ideas on it you'll be fine 7
Improvement Same as before, a lot of info...need to focus and present your own ideas..Same as before, a lot of info...need to focus and present your own ideas..