Making and Enforcing Laws



I.                    Introduction


A.        Reasons for needing laws regarding the Internet

B.         Copyrighted items

C.    Improper content


II.                 Various Laws passed and currently being considered


A.        To protect copyrighted material

1        software

2        music

3        movies



B.   Digitial Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA)


                  1 What does it protect

                  2. How dies it protect / enforce


C. Before the DMCA


1.      Were there any cases

2.      How were they handled

3.      How were they enforced / if they were enforced


III.               Improper Content


A.        Orgish.com, showing the decapitation of Daniel Pearl


B.         Software passwords being posted


IV.              Problems with enforcement


A. ISPs are in business internationally


     B Who enforces??


1.      The country where the ISP is located

2.       The country where the site is published

3.      Both