Knowledge Management: Trends and Applications


I.  History of Knowledge Management

            A. What is knowledge management

            B. Why Knowledge Management important

C. How it is used

            D. Difficulties of KM

II. Knowledge Management Applications

            A. Current uses

            B. Who uses KM

III. Knowledge Management Trends

            A. Major trends today in KM

            B. Lesser known trends in KM

IV. The Future of Knowledge Management

            A. What must be done to improve the uses of KM

            B. How might KM be used in the future


Referee 1:

Area Comments Rating
Topic Interest The topic of interest for outline #8 is Knowledge Management: Trends and Applications. This topic is interesting for Corporate America. They are the ones that need to apply these applications and integrate them into the way they do business. This will not only give them a competitive advantage but efficiency will also increase and therefore lead to additional profits. 6
Topic Definition The outline has some topics that cover some aspects of knowledge management and how companies can use knowledge management to their advantage. Some more subtopics are needed to further explain the more broader topics in this outline. 4
Topic Feasibility There is plenty of information on which to draw inferences from and conclusions from. I do feel that this topic can be covered to it’s fullest potential. I have read some information regarding this topic and I would like to explore this issue some more 5
Strengths Some of the outline strengths that are apparent are the variety of subtopics that will cover the topic of knowledge management. The trends of knowledge management and the current uses of this topic is what the strengths of the outline are. 6
Deficiencies The topics are broad and therefore additional subtopics will enhance the outline. We need to see what can be done to improve knowledge management and not just from the topic point of view from also from the employee’s point of view. 5
Improvement he most apparent work needed on the outline is more subtopics explaing the broader topics found in this outline. What is the criteria by which knowledge management is rated by and how it can be improved and how.



Referee 2:

Area Comments Rating
Topic Interest The topic of this outline is Knowledge Management: Trends and Applications. I believe that this particular topic can be interesting, especially to those readers who will be in jobs that involve the management of a company’s human capital. Depending upon how it is written, the product of this outline can also be interesting to readers that have never heard of knowledge management 7
Topic Definition Again, depending on how the final product of this outline is written, the topic of the paper for which this outline is for can be definitive. The outline starts with a history of knowledge management. Within the description of history, knowledge management is defined and examples are given as to its uses and current trends in knowledge management 8
Topic Feasibility From what I have seen from this outline, I believe that this topic is feasible. In my opinion, every organization’s strategic and daily operations involve knowledge management in some degree. I believe that the author can find enough information about this topic from multiple sources and complete the assignment in the allotted time. 8
Strengths  would say that the strengths of the outline exist where the applications and trends are described. To me, this would constitute the meat of what supports the topic. The outline is especially strong where it describes who uses knowledge management. 7
Deficiencies The worst part of the outline is the section where “Why Knowledge Management important” is described. It is not necessarily a deficiency but I feel that it would be redundant to describe why KM is important if the introduction and definition of KM is written well enough to imply that KM is important. 6
Improvement I believe that this outline can be improved by removing the “Why is KM important” section for reasons stated above. I also believe combining “how KM is used” with “current uses” will eliminate the possibility of redundancy in the final product. Overall it is a good outline that needs fine adjustment. As the author progresses in research, I believe that the outline will evolve to something slightly different from what was submitted