Ethics in SPAM


I.                    Unsolicited Email

a.       Definition of SPAM

b.      Types of SPAM

c.       How SPAM started

d.      Why SPAM persists

II.                 Legal Issues

a.       Laws regarding SPAM

                                                               i.      Federal

                                                             ii.      State

                                                            iii.      Local

                                                           iv.      International

b.      Court Cases involving SPAM

c.       Enforcement Issues involving SPAM

                                                               i.      Technical Issues

                                                             ii.      Privacy Issues

                                                            iii.      Censorship Issues

d.††† Fraudulent SPAM

III.               Cost of SPAM

a.       Consumer Costs of SPAM

b.      ISP Costs of SPAM

c.       The Legal Cost of SPAM

IV.              Ethics of SPAM

a.       Content and intended audiences

                                                               i.      Issues involving minors

                                                             ii.      Pornography

                                                            iii.      Issues involving senior citizens

b.      Free Speech versus Freedom of Choice

c.       Fraud in Email†

                                                               i.      Statistics

                                                             ii.      Legislation

                                                            iii.      Penalties

                                                           iv.      Prevention

V.                 Challenges of SPAM

a.       How to stop SPAM

b.      Government Agencies involved in SPAM

c.       Where to go from here.

Referee 1:

Area Comments Rating
Topic Interest I believe this topic to be very interesting since it also includes the laws that are made to regulate SPAM. This outline seems to be very thorough in that it covers not only the history, the legal aspects, the cost, ethical issues involved and the challenges that are faced in order to control SPAM. 7
Topic Definition I think this topic is very definitive but I wonder if there is too much information to cover. The topic covers information that would be useful to know in regards to what laws have been applied to technological advances so it would be very interesting. 7
Topic Feasibility This paper may be including too much information. Though all the information included in the outline is essential to cover all the area of the subject, it may be just too much to cover int he amount of time given. 5
Strengths The best points of the outline are the legal issues involving SPAM. Again, it will be intersting to see how laws have been applied to internet related issues. 7
Deficiencies Costs of SPAM may be really be too much of a relative issue when talking about the ethical issues of SPAM. This might be an area of the outline that can be omitted in order to focus more on the other issues presented. 3
Improvement I really don't see very much wrong with the outline in terms of what was covered. Again, I think maybe a good thing to do would be to omit issues regarding the cost of SPAM and focus more on the ethical issues involving SPAM. Legal issues too are interesting since this paper includes intended audiences and free speech.



Referee 2:

Area Comments Rating
Topic Interest The topic of interest for outline #3 is ethics in SPAM. I feel that this topic is of great interest to many in the community who have, like myself and many others, been bombarded with all types of emails from solicitors. I feel that many are interested in finding ways to curve Spamming and to find out what can be done legally to stop this phenomenon that has grown to be a great nuisance for many people. 7
Topic Definition The outline has a considerable amount of topics that cover all aspects of SPAM and how many different ways spamming is in existence. The end of the outline which state some challenges of SPAM on how to stop it and where is this going to lead to is very broad and should be looked into for some subtopics in these parent topics. 5
Topic Feasibility There is plenty of information on which to draw inferences from and conclusions from. I do feel that this topic can be covered to itís fullest potential. It is a lot of information, one in which 14 pages may not cover all aspects of SPAM, but isnít that the main challenge. 7
Strengths Some of the outline strengths that are apparent are the variety of subtopics that will cover the main topic of SPAM. Ranging from the legal standpoint of SPAMMING to the costs involved, not only for the ISP but also for the consumer and not to mention the legal costs associated with SPAM. These subtopics are the strength of the outline. 7
Deficiencies The only deficiencies I found with the outline are the fact that SPAM in not initially explained and I had to go to the Internet and look that up. Section V of the outline is very broad and additional subtopics in this section would clarify this section some more. 5
Improvement he only improvement required is on the last section of the outline which was described on the outline deficiencies and the fact that SPAM was not initially described