Ethical Issues with Distance Learning


I.                    Overview of Distance Learning

a.       First Colleges to implement

b.      Admission Requirements

c.       Unlimited boundaries

d.      Accredited institutions vs. gimmicks


II.                 Authenticate participation

a.       Institutional requirements

b.      Professor availability

c.       Student honesty


III.               Security measures

a.       Institutional requirements

b.      Testing procedures

c.       Loop holes

d.      Implementation of cutting edge technology


IV.              Conclusion

a.       Summary

b.      Recommendations



Referee 1:

Area Comments Rating
Topic Interest This topic is interesting. Distance learning is becoming part of this new world, so we need to learn about it and experiment it. But, we also need to learn about the ethical issues that it involves. 8
Topic Definition Your outline is a clear overview of your topic, but I think you would have to develop each point in more detail, so you can have enough material for the project. You can also include more points that relate to the ones you have or just include new ones 5
Topic Feasibility This topic is doable and possible to complete on time, but like I just said I think you would need to include more point on it. You might want to include more points that may be of interest for students as well as for professors. 6
Strengths The best point is the Security measures point. It is a delicate and interesting issue that many of us would like to hear about. 7
Deficiencies Some of your subpoint are to short and it is not clear to see what you will talk about You repeat subpoint a) in points II and III. I am not sure if you will concentrate in different issues, but if you are just make sure to rephrase those points. 5
Improvement I think you are doing a good job. It is really important that you explain your subpoints more to make more clear what you will talk about. You might have to include more points to have enough information for your topic. Just concentrate more on the ethical issues about distance learning and add them to your outline.



Referee 2:

Area Comments Rating
Topic Interest This is an interesting topic, but it seems kind of hard. What ethical issues will be addressed? Physiologically speaking or technical... 8
Topic Definition This is a hard topic I think to really define...are there that many ethical issues involved in distance learning? 7
Topic Feasibility I think this can be completed but it is such a hard topic!! I'm not too sure...may be easily sidetracked 9
Strengths I liked the second section the most...#II. 5
Deficiencies I don't think the other 3 sections adequately covered the ethical portion. they seemed like technical issues...maybe change the topic a little...? and Dr. Kirs said in class that this isn't a term paper, so no history needs to be included. 4
Improvement he outline may have been too broad for me...I didn't understand the relationship between ethics, and the institutional requirements, etc. Maybe more of an elaboration on the outline...