Topic: Employees as a Major Source of IT Security Threat.




I.History of a job environment before and after the use of Information Technology.


A.     Job environment before the use of Information Technology.

1.      Confidential information was handled in a different way.

a.       Takes more time to process information.

b.      No back up of files.


2.      Security issues handling confidential information.

a.       Not easy for employees and outsiders to obtain information.


B.     New Information Technology starts being used.

1.      Computers make a positive change in companies.

a.       Information is entered in the computer.

b.   More security.

c.   Time to handle information was reduced.


C.      Misuse of information starts to threaten companies.

a.    Problems start to arise.

b.      Stealing Confidential Information.

c.       Damaging the system.


II. Employees as a Major Source of IT Security Threat.


A.  Dishonesty starts being a big issue inside the company.

1.      Easier access to confidential information.

2.      Threat from insiders is greater than from outsiders.

3.  Reasons for misuse of information.

            a. Employees seeking knowledge and power.

b.      Example of a case.

c.       Give my opinion.

B.     Risks and problems that may arise.

1,  Conflicts.

2.  Millionaire looses                


C.     Actions to take with employee.

1.      Dismissal

2.      Take it to court

3.      Fire them


D.     Information Technology security Solutions.

1.      Have internal data access control.

a.       Monitor Employees.

b.      Monitor Computers.

c.       Example of a case.

2.      Follow rules and regulations more closely.

3.  Have stronger policies about security issues.

4.  Hire security experts.

                                    a. Example of different Companies.

III. Conclusion.

            A.  Summary and recommendations.


Referee 1:

Area Comments Rating
Topic Interest Topic is interesting but many poeple have looked at this subject. 7
Topic Definition Part I is to long and detailed it should be more of an overview the rest is fine. 8
Topic Feasibility Topic should be completed since there will be plenty of materiel and cases to reference 8
Strengths The body of the outline was well definied but it may not leave room to make changes if desired. 8
Deficiencies I would consider the detail a deficiency. It does not provide flexibility in case it is needed 7
Improvement Out line is good overall but again I think it is too detailed and does not allow for any flexibility that might arise.  


Referee 2:

Area Comments Rating
Topic Interest The Topic , Customer Service in Cyberspace, is a very interesting one. E-Commerce is exploding and many people would like to know, including myself, what our rights are. When we do purchase items over the internet, on many occasions, the product(s) never arrives. I would like to know what my rights are, and what kind of laws are there to protect e-customers.
In addition, I would like to know what security levels are being implemented to ensure that my credit card/demographic information is not shuffled out to third parties.
Topic Definition The outline covers an ample source of basic information that would interest the business community. The Topic Definition is neither too broad or too basic and would keep a large audience interested. It covers all the who, what, when and where questions that need to be addressed. In regards to length, I think it covers just enough to keep readers interested. 8
Topic Feasibility The outline is very workable because it does a good job of balancing the technical with non-technical aspects of research activity involved. In addition, it’s focus is narrowed, which yields to a better research paper. 9
Strengths The best points about the outline is the fact that the information is interesting to a large group of people. It focus points touch upon what is trendy, and which technology is being used to implement customer service. 8
Deficiencies Because the audience is geared toward the business owner, it would be nice to know the general characteristics of businesses who have been successful in E-Customer Service. 1
Improvement It would be interesting if the outline could expand more on Business Examples in I.C. , instead of “Brief History of the Internet”. The reason I say this is because we are already at a point where “history background of the WWW” is ancient. Everybody is already very familiar with the WWW and has been for the past 10 years.