Emerging Trends in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems

1)      Overview of CRM

2)      Changing Views on CRM

a)      Economic Effects

b)      Business Strategy

3)      Emerging Trends

a)      eCRM

b)      Knowledgebase

c)      Instant Messaging (IM)

d)      Campaign Management

e)      Help Desk

f)        Back Office Applications

4)      Obstacles

a)      Cost Issues

b)      Training & Acceptance

5)      Breaking Through

6)      Conclusion

Referee 1:

Area Comments Rating
Topic Interest I think this topic has great interest in the IT community as it could very well lead to real cost savings for a department that is generrally a cost center and not a profit center. 8
Topic Definition The outline narrowly defines the topics to be covered. This will help keep the paper on task and prevent overflow into other topic areas that would cause the paper to try and ""Do to much."" 9
Topic Feasibility I think the outline sets up a 15-20 page paper very well. 9
Strengths The strength of the outline lies in its organization and narrowing of the topics to a useable level. There won't be too much room to play with the topic beyond the expected level of introduction in the research paper. 8
Deficiencies Topics 1 and 5 weren't defined at all and from the outline I couldn't tell what was to be covered in these two areas. This could lead to some overflow of data causing the paper to go out of the bounds of the intent of the paper. 7
Improvement As stated above, topics and 1 and 5 might be defined as well as the conclusion. Just to help understand what conclusions were to be drawn from the paper.