Topic: Database Security

Title: None of Your Business: Trends in Database Security

I.   Overview - Security Statistical Data

II.  Types of Database Attackers

III. How to "Harden" Database Servers
     a. Known Weaknesses
     b. Firewalls vs Kerberos
     c. Encryption
     d. Biometric & 3rd Party Authentication
IV.  Creating Appropriate Security: How Much is Enough?
     A. Multilayered Security
     B. Steps To Create Appropriate Security

V.   Conclusion

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Area Comments Rating
Topic Interest The topic of this outline is “None of Your Business: Trends in Database Security”. I believe that this particular topic interests readers who will be in jobs that involve the security of company information and information systems. Judging by the content of the outline, the final product should be very informative. 8
Topic Definition The topic of this outline is definitive. The outline starts out statistics and continues with database attackers and steps on how protecting databases and information systems. These topics support the title but there 7
Topic Feasibility I believe that this topic of this outline is feasible. All organizations have to worry about database and information systems security. Depending on position, individuals can expect to face database and information systems security concerns to some degree. I believe that the author can find enough information about this topic from multiple sources and complete the assignment in the allotted time. . 9
Strengths The strength of the outline lies in its organization and narrowing of the topics to a useable level. There won't be too much room to play with the topic beyond the expected level of introduction in the research paper. 8
Deficiencies I believe that the worst part of the outline is the beginning where statistics are mentioned. In my opinion, statistics are most effectively used when combined with other information like “trends in database security” for example. The author might obviously include these items in the overview but there is no evidence of that because, according to the outline, the subject is not supported by other topics. 8
Improvement I believe that this outline can be greatly improved by providing other database security information in addition to the “how to”. Overall it is a good outline but it needs more information in order for it to be great. The “how to” information and the statistical data are good but the paper would be incomplete if it were written only about how to provide database security