Outline: Data Visualization Applications in Business


I.  Introduction

     a)  Defining Data Visualization

     b)  Broad view where it has been and where it is going.


II. Background of Data Visualization

a)      Detailed history.

b)      Who created it?

c)      Purpose of Data Visualization.

d)      The previous tools for visuals.


III. Where Data Visualization is at.

a)      Current Information on Data Visualization.

b)      Up to date tools for Data Visuals.

c)      Who is benefiting from it?

d)      How new technology is helping it.


IV. Where is it going?

a)      Future Forecast

b)      My Ideas in Improving it.

c)      New ways it might benefit us.

d)      No limits in Data Visualizations.


V.  Conclusion.

      a)  Overview of research.

      b)  Views of my own.

      c)   References.


Referee 1:

Area Comments Rating
Topic Interest Since I have looked into this subject before, I feel I know a little about this subject and feel it is an excellent topic. 8
Topic Definition Although, I have not researched this subject extensively I feel the subject may be a little too broad. Maybe the writer can narrow it down to a topic under Data Visualization. 7
Topic Feasibility I think with there is enough information out there on this subject, but all the information may not be under what is called Data Visualization. 7
Strengths The strengths of this outline are that it is very neatly organised and is complete with an intro, body and outro. The ouline is very detailed with several subtopics under each seciton. 8
Deficiencies The only deficiency I could find in this very complete outline is that there is no mention on there being examples of data visualization. The writer is probably going to include examples but this should not be overlooked. 8
Improvement Overall, I feel this outline is very complete and should cover all the important information on this subject.



Referee 2:

Area Comments Rating
Topic Interest Outline: Data Visualization Applications in Business -- This is a tough one because I really don't have a good grasp as to what this topic is about. To me, data visualization applications could be anything from virtual reality interfaces to a system (very interesting) to a simple GUI to a database (not very interesting). The author should quickly define the topic (which he/she seems to have done on the outline) and make it something interesting to grasp the readers attention right off the bat. 5
Topic Definition I think the topic is defined well. The ouline takes the reader through every stage of developing the topic in the right order... good job. 8
Topic Feasibility Again, until the topic is better defined, feasibility is hard to gauge. But I believe that whichever way the author decides to go, the topic should be feasible. 6
Strengths It's strength is the format. As I mentioned before, the author did a good job in developing each stage of the topic in the right order. 8
Deficiencies Elaboration on the sub-topics to give the reader a clearer path 6
Improvement As mentioned above, may need to elaborate a little more with each sub-topic to give the reader an idea as to where you're going with the topic. Although the outline format is great, it is a bit generic.