Critical Success Factors for Distance Education

An Independent Study







Thesis:† There are many critical factors than can lead to success in distance learning.†



I.                    Educational Administration

a.       New and more open client base

b.      Changing society needs in education

c.       Quality

d.      Education of instructors and involvement


II.                 Instructors or teachers

a.       Development of new attitudes-new teaching strategies-teacher centered to student centered

b.      Personal challenge

c.       Put behind old education philosophies

d.      Quality


III.               Students

a.       Discipline

b.      Time management

c.       New type of learning

d.      Personal value/quality


IV.              Society

a.       New alternative in education

b.      Education for everyone

c.       Value/quality for all

d.      Problems?† Unclear


V.                 Conclusion



Referee 1:

Area Comments Rating
Topic Interest I think this topic is really interesting, since there are many people who want to study but donít have time to go to regular classes. This new option is changing our world dramatically so people want to have more information on it since it is a great opportunity for everyone. 8
Topic Definition Your outline is really self explanatory and it is a good overview of your topic. I think you can expand it a little bit more because it might not be enough for your research paper. You can include more interesting points or maybe some other subpoints from those you already have. 6
Topic Feasibility Your topic is really good and I am sure it can be completed on time, but you can develop it more. Actually, I think it is possible to get an excellent research paper and give a good presentation about it. 6
Strengths The best points of your outline are the instructors or teachers point where you mention about the new attitudes and strategies they have to use. Since distance learning is totally different to the regular education, teachers would have to learn new ways of teaching to be successful in this new method. 8
Deficiencies The point I didnít like a lot was Educational Adminitration, I donít think it is to interesting and some of the point are not to explicit. You can make these sentences bigger so it can be clearer of what you are talking about. Also, you can leave that point and change some of your subpoints to make them more interesting. 7
Improvement Distance learning is a topic where you can include interesting information that many of us donít know and want to learn about. In an overview your outline in good and you are going through the right path. Keep working on it, try to develop it more and make some of your point more informative..