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Installing MS/Visual Studio C++

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Essentially, MS/Visual Studio C++ installs itself. Just insert the CD and you will see:


Follow the instructions. Make sure you install BOTH the programs and the Documentation (The procedures for both are the same). You know you are done when you see the message:

Getting Started with MS/Visual Studio C++

When you first get into MS Visual C++ you will see a menu that looks like:

Go to the File Menu (upper Left-Hand Corner) and Select New. You will see the pop-up Menu:

You will automatically go to the Project Folder. For our purposes, we really don't need  a project (although we could start one) so click on the Files Tab). You will see:


Change your directory location (if you want), and enter the name you wish to give your file:

Hit the OK Button, and you will be sent to a screen that looks something like the first screen you saw, except that you will notice that your program name appears in the upper left hand corner, and you will actually be able to start typing in the main screen.

So, Enter in your program:

When you are done go to the Build menu (at the top of screen), and click on the option Compile myfirstprogram.cpp (I can't show you exactly here because of the way that the screen capture is set up in MS). You will get the following pop-up screen:

Enter Yes. The next screen you see will look something like:

Notice, from the screen section at the bottom, that we have an error. Where?? Scroll the bottom window up a little, and you will see:

This will tell you the error. By clicking on it, an arrow will appear showing you where the problem is. So, fix it. When you have, move your cursor to the Exclamation mark (!) at the upper right hand corner (as you can see from the prompt, this is to execute the program):

When you do, you will probably see a pop-up screen that looks like:

Enter Yes (you DO want to create an executable file). When you do the program will try and compile and create an executable file. You might get a screen that looks like:

Oh, No !!! Another Error!!! Fix it and try again:

NO Errors! If there are no errors, An output pop-up menu will appear in the middle of the screen

And we're done!

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