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Fall, 2008

Using Visual C++ .NET

 ??? Why C++ .NET ???


It uses newer versions of development tools


It contains a set of server products that facilitate .NET Work


It uses a class library that can be used from any language


It provides a new way of designing and creating applications that share work among components even over the internet

??? How Do I get started ???

First, open up the package:

You will next see the Start Page:

Pick NEW Project. A new project menu will appear:

  1. Choose VISUAL C++ Projects (the menu will change)
  2. Choose MFC (Microsoft Foundations Classes) Application
  3. Change the Name and Location as desired

A new wizard window will appear:

Click on Application Type (and then Single Document)

This will take you back to the Start Page.

Before continuing, a quick aside: Visual Studio C++ .NET is considerably different than Visual Studio C++. You can change the appearance so that it more closely approximates Visual Studio C++, and hence more closely correspond to the slides and older manuals. To do this, choose My Profile from the Start Page so that the transition will be a little easier.

Set the Profile to Visual C++ Developer. The other settings will change accordingly

We can now create a new file (which will be stored in our project ___). Go to File on the top menu bar. A new menu will appear. Choose the Visual C++ option:

Choose the C++ File (.cpp) option. You will be placed in the Editor mode:

  1. Type in your program
  2. Build it (from the Build Menu)