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Bits and Bytes Quiz 2

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Question 1:    Which of the Following is NOT a binary situation?

                          Being Alive
                          Owning a house
                          Having a job

Question 2:    How many light switches would I need to represent 156 different conditions?


Question 3:    The value of log(167) is:

 Between 0 and 1
                          Between 1 and 2
                          Between 2 and 3
                          Between 3 and 4
                          Between 4 and 5

Question 4:    Which of the following is NOT true about parity?

 It has been completely replaced by other techniques such as package switching
                          It adds a bit to the existing bit sequence to make the total number of '1' bits even or odd
                          It is still used but is not as common as it once was
                          Transmission errors can still occur
                          Even and odd parity work equally as well

Question 5:    EBCDIC stands for:

 Extended Basic Codes Denoting Information Coding
                          Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code
                          Extended Binary Coding for Decimal Information Characters
                          Extended Basic Characters Denoting Interchange Codes
                          Extended Basic Codes for Denoting Interchange Characters

Question 6:   The extended ASCII Character set consists of how many symbols?


Question 7:    ASCII Files:

 Read 7 bits at time
                          Read 8 bits at time
                          Read bits as specified
                          All of the above
                          None of the above

Question 8:    IBM didn't adopt ASCII because:

 EBCDIC was a superior coding scheme.
                          It had a large investment in EBCDIC.
                          ASCII was too expensive to install
                          ASCII wouldn't work in IBM systems
                          All of the above

Question 9:    Why was the Unicode Project created?

 To improve ASCII
                          To replace ASCII
                          To provide a uniformed, flexible and efficient encoding system
                          To Improve computer functioning
                          To make money

Question 10 What symbols will be included in Unicode is being decided by:

 Government Agencies
                          Paid Consultants
                          Research Agencies
                          A and B
                          A and C


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