Progress Measures to determine achievement of goal            
Expansion of faculty in critical areas of specialization Sufficient qualified faculty available to teach, mentor, and staff dissertation committees Acquisition of faculty in progress        
Achieve reaffirmation of AACSB International accreditation for the program. Achievement of reaffirmation 2005-2006 In progress        
Number and quality of research output: Students Each funded student will have one empirical paper written prior to ABD In progress        
A.  Publications Each funded student will have one journal manuscript accepted or a major conference paper prior to completion of dissertation  Research/statistical/methods courses offered Fall, 2004, Spring, 2005. One paper accepted for publication, Spring, 2005        
B. Presentations Each student will have made at least one presentation at an academic conference prior to completion of dissertation  Three students will present  papers accepted for presentation, Summer, 2005        
C. Doctoral consortia Each cohort will have at least one student attend one consortium Initial attendance 2007        
D. Research seminars Each student will attend on-campus seminars; each funded student will attend at least one national conference In progress        
Number and quality of research output: Ph.D. Faculty            
A. Publications Each Ph.D. program faculty member will average three manuscripts accepted or published  in a quality journal over a five-year period  Progress on schedule        
B. Presentations Present or be on a program of a national meeting each year Progress on schedule        
C. Research seminar participation Participate in at least one per year Progress on schedule        
Successful matriculation and placement of Ph.D. students Entering students successfully complete the program and are placed Students matriculating on schedule        
Enhanced reputation of the University and College of Business Quality of Ph.D. faculty vitas and quality of of graduates' vitas.  Standing of institutions in which graduates are initially placed. Progress on schedule