Ensure consistency between University and College mission statements (I) Periodic monitoring by  College and Departments (I)  Review mission statements annually for consistency Dean, Department Chairs, Faculty Administrative and Faculty time Biennial reviews beginning in 2004 Consistency of  curricula to  mission statements Acceptance by College and Departments  Ongoing
Ensure up-to-date curriculum (II.A.3, II.A.4) Periodic monitoring by  College and Departments (II.A.3, II.A.4) Evaluate program content on college-wide and department-wide levels Dean, Department Chairs, Faculty Faculty time Biennial reviews beginning in 2004 Modify curriculum as needed  Curriculum meeting accepted Guidelines Ongoing
Ensure student achievement (II.A.3, II.A.4) Develop assessment process in accordance with AACSB Intíl standards (II.A.3, II.A.4) Develop learning goals, objectives, and measures for each program Dean, BBA, MBA, MAcc, MIT, Ph.D. committees Faculty time Begin Spring 2005;  continuous thereafter Results of measurements Acceptance by College and Departments  Ongoing
Provide an improved  learning environment (II.A.3, II.A.4, II.A.5) Refurbish facilities for enhanced learning (II.A.3, II.A.4, II.A.5) Create COBA Student Center Dean, Associate Dean, COBA Director of IT Building and equipment costs; Administrative time Student Center complete Fall 2004  Construction schedule  Completion of facility Completed November 2004
    Create Student Investment Center Dean, Associate Dean, COBA Director of IT Building and equipment costs; Administrative time Investment Center complete Spring 2005 Construction schedule Completion of facility Completed April 2005
Reduce time to graduation (II.A.3, II.A.4) Develop in accordance with University strategy (to be developed by Spring 2006) (II.A.3, II.A.4) AWAITING UNIVERSITY GUIDELINES           Planned
Improve College internship programs (II.A.3) Establish College-wide internship administration (II.A.3) Develop bank of interested and qualified students Dean, Assistant Dean  Dean, Assistant Deanís time Initially establish bank in Fall 2004 Bank established Bank established and operational Initial bank completed; Update ongoing
Add Hospitality/Tourism management concentration to BBA degree (II.A.3, II.B.1, VI) Adopt concentration curriculum (II.A.3, VI)  Approval of proposed curriculum in appropriate committees Dept. of Mkt. & Mgmt, COBA, & University curriculum committees Faculty and Administrative time Adopt Spring 2005 Curriculum adopted at all levels in University Curriculum adopted In progress
  Recruit faculty (II.A.2) Form search committee, place ads, and interview candidates Dean & Chair, Dept. of Mkt. & Mgmt Time and recruiting budget (~$2,000) Spring 2005 Committee formed; ads placed; candidates interviewed; offer made and accepted One tenure-track faculty hired In progress
  Advertise and launch concentration (II.B.1) Place ads in appropriate outlets and offer courses beginning January 2006 Dean, Chair, Dept. of Mkt. & Mgmt, and University Communication Advertising budget; classroom facilities, Faculty and Administrative time Place Ads Fall 2005; Launch January 2006 Ads placed by University & COBA; courses offered Ads placed each semester; courses offered each semester In progress
  Placement of students in required internships in high profile corporations (II.A.3) Make contacts, travel to locations, and formulate agreements Dean & Chair, Dept. of Mkt. & Mgmt. Time and travel budget (~$22,000) Partnership recruiting Fall 2005; Place students beginning Summer 2006 Partnerships formed;  number of students placed 3-4 partnerships formed with high profile companies; 10 interns placed per year Make arrangements in Fall 2005 & initial placements in Summer 2006
Improve student writing skills (II.A.3, II.A.4) LONG-TERM PROJECT             Planned