Integration of grant-writing and grant wwards into the merit evaluation eystem (II.A.2.1) Revise college merit review system that rewards grant-writing (II.A.2.1) Appoint Merit Review Committee Dean, Merit Review Committee Faculty time Fall 2004 Final committee report Committee minutes on progress of merit revision Revised                                                                
  Adopt college merit review that rewards grant-writing (II.A.2.1) Vote on new merit review guidelines Dean, Merit Review Committee Faculty time Spring 2005 College wide vote on revision Adoption by College Adopted                                                                
Develop support for grant writing opportunities (II.A.2.2; II.A.2.3; II.A.2.4) Develop in-College information system (II.A.2.2; II.A.2.3; II.A.2.4) Develop access-based information system Director of Research Release time and administrative funds Complete plans by Fall 2005 Completion of plans Plans completed by Fall 2005 In progress                                                                
    Acquire databases such as CRSP, Compustat, CPI, etc. to support faculty research needs Dean, Associate Dean Administrative funds Fall 2004 Acquisition and maintenance of current databases Databases acquired Most needed databases acquired and training provided to interested faculty & PhD students                                                                
Develop process for identifying grant opportunities (II.A.2.2) Assign task to designated faculty or research assistant (II.A.2.2) Allocate designated faculty or research assistant time Dean Administrative funds Spring 2005 Task assigned Process in place Completed                                                                
Encourage interdisciplinary research w/ centers & institutes across campus (II.A.2.9; II.A.2.10; II.A.2.11; II.B.3.1; II.B.3.2) Provide release time for professors working on projects in centers & institutes (II.A.2.9; II.A.2.10; II.A.2.11) Screen RFPs to highlight those with interdisciplinary capabilities Dean, Department Chairs, Faculty Faculty release time and Administrative time As RFPs are announced and as proposals are submitted and approved Number of releases per semester granted to faculty for interdisciplinary projects At least one per year One faculty member has a release in Spring 2005                                                                
  Faculty participation in entrepreneurship grant activities  (II.A.2.10; II.A.2.11; II.B.3.1; II.B.3.2) Recruit new faculty in entrepreneurship Dean, Department Chairs, CEDARS Director Administrative funds and allocation of new faculty line 2005-2006 Faculty hired One new faculty member hired by Fall 2006 Requisition is being prepared