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(Current Issues in CIS)
Spring 2004


Each of you are to prepare one tutorial on a very specific topic. The topics are to be selected from the Tutorials, and should appear similar to the 11 Tutorials (Not counting the "Questions you should be able to answer" section). I have prepared for the Database Foundations Section.

  1. Each tutorial should be written with the intent of assisting the reader understand that topic. That's what the term tutorial means. Imagine yourself as the TA in this class, and you are approached by a student who says "I just don't understand what an ERD is!". Explain it to the student IN TERMS S/HE WILL UNDERSTAND.

  2. Each Tutorial must anticipate questions and address them. You will notice that in my tutorials, I am constantly asking questions like:

                ??? So Databases have no disadvantages ???

    Try to anticipate a question a student might have about each area and answer accordingly.

  3. Each tutorial should be 2-3 pages in length. There may be some pages that require more, and some that require less. It depends on the topic. You should FULLY cover the topic chosen.

  4. Each tutorial should be based on the overheads (but NOT limited by them). If you need to get information from additional sources, you are encouraged to do so.

I will allow you to choose your own topics using the Tutorial Topics Submission Page. However, each person must choose two different topics. Topics will be assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis. If someone requests a topic that has already been assigned, I will notify them and ask them to choose another topic.

I would prefer that you send me your tutorials as an HTML file. I have provided you with some information on How to use Front Page. REMEMBER that if you have graphics in your tutorial, you MUST also send me the graphics files.

All tutorials are due 1 week before the quiz which will cover that topic. Check the Course Schedule for due dates.

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