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(Current Issues in CIS)
Spring 2004


One of the intents of this course is to promote networking. That activity is promoted considerably when you know who everyone in the class is. This is where I will post all of the student photos along with their names and their self-submitted Biographies. 

A larger image can be obtained by clicking on the picture. Student who have included their Email addresses can be contacted by clicking on their Names.

(NOTE: Al, Al  and Al, who are listed below, don't really belong to this class. Their style of biography presentation is NOT necessarily condoned. Al's is actually very good, and along the lines of one you should strive for, but not Al's nor Al's)

Student Biography

Alan Greenspan
My Name is Alan Greenspan. I was born on March 6, 1926, in New York City. I received a B.S. in economics (summa cum laude) in 1948, an M.A. in economics in 1950, and a Ph.D. in economics in 1977, all from New York University. I Entered UTEP because of it's multi-national environment, and I was particularly attracted to the CIS Curriculum because of the balance between technical and managerial courses (perhaps a slight bias toward the former).  I Enrolled in this course because I expect to gain a rudimentary understanding of DB functioning. I understand the importance of DBs in everyday life, and I hope this course will provide me with the basic skills necessary to implement DBs. Nonetheless, I am somewhat concerned about the amount of material to be covered; it seems to me that the Professor is overly demanding. Perhaps that will be good. We will see. I believe that my strengths are in the area of of Monetary Policy. Ten Years from now, I would like to be involved in helping to shape U.S. policy. Maybe even Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank (Ha! Fat Chance!)

Alfred E. Newman
(10:30 Class)
I am a very sensitive kind of guy who enjoys women who enjoy sensitive kind of guys. I was born in October. I don't remember the year. It might have been 1982, or maybe it was 1928 (I always get those years mixed-up). You can email me at (555) 1212. I was born in Los Angeles, about a block from Times Square. I enrolled for the Biology Program at UMass, which is kind of strange, considering I am in the CIS program at UTEP. I'm really happy I am here because I love the ocean and all the green surroundings. I am looking forward to this class because I love to cook (The E in my middle name stands for Anchovy, but I bet you knew that!). I don't like the instructor, because I don't like women with short green hair. My strength is my intelligence. I am very smart. I know, because every time anyone asks if I am a moron, I always say "NO". My weakness is Oriental women. I pay 178% of my salary in alimony to them. Ten years from now, I would like to be seven years younger than I am now.

Al E. Stein
My full name is Al, but most people call just call me Al. I was born in Princeton NJ, on April 1, 1982 (I remember that it was raining that day). I entered the CIS program at UTEP because it is the finest program in the country, and the faculty are the best in the world (especially the teacher of this course! The man is absolutely Brilliant!!). I expect to learn all about intelligence, artificial and otherwise, and to learn the tools necessary to build Decision Support systems and Expert Systems (I'm really looking forward to that!!). I think I will like just about everything this course, although I hope there is no math involved (I'm not very good at it, and besides, who would ever needs math? Not me, that's for sure!). I think my strengths are in dealing with people. Most people think I'm a pretty funny guy, and my close friends tell me I am a great dancer (as well as a snappy dresser). Ten years from now, I would like to be the Director of IT for a research center. Hopefully one directed toward scientific research. I have this theory about something I like to call "next-of-kinitivity", but most people think I'm a little crazy. If that doesn't work, I would like to be managing a McDonald's. 


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