wpe41.gif (23084 bytes)CIS5394: Decision Making and Expert Systems
(Current Issues in CIS)
Spring 2004

Lecture Slides

Note: I will make all the slides we go over in class available to you. If you click on the hyperlink in the Topic column of the table, you will either be able to view the slide on-line, or will be asked if you wish to down-load the slides or open them (this is entirely dependent on your viewer). If you wish to download them, click on the finger in the Download column. This will allow you to download a Zip File (The size of the file is smaller, but NOT by much, given that there are a lot of graphics in the file)

If you do not have a Zip file file extractor, you can get WINZIP (at least on a temporary basis) by going to the Home page at: http://www.winzip.com/ Or http://www.winzip.com/ddchomea.htm (to download an evaluation version)

The following Power Point Slides are/will be available:

Topic No.Slides Download
 Overview of IS Types  

 Decision Making

30 (1.28 MB)

 Decision Support Systems (DSS)  

 Expert Systems (ES)

25 (7.25 MB)

 Executive Information Systems (EIS)  

 Artificial Intelligence (AI)

28 (2.84 MB)

 Knowledge Management (KM)  






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